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Genova Mayor Marco Bucci in San Francisco, meeting with the Autodesk leaders for a possible ‘competence center’ in Genova

Second ‘American’ day for the Mayor of Genova Marco Bucci that this morning began with Recology Wast management San Francisco, one of the largest waste management companies in the United States of America (manages 1,200,000 tons of waste year, with 80% recycling and the goal of reaching 100% by 2020).

At the end of the meeting Marco Bucci outlined the guidelines for a future collaboration with the aim of bringing Genova to a zero waste future, inviting the top management of the US company in our city.

Subsequently, the mayor met Ettore Leale, an investor who looks to our city for the future of his activities and in particular to the Hennebique project. Genova can and must become the operational base for many companies at international level thanks to the quality of life it has to offer, the competitiveness of labor costs and the many possibilities for growth in various sectors: port, logistics, tourism and high technology. were the topics of the meeting.

Leale proposes a redevelopment similar to what happened in Montevideo, where an old building has been transformed, with an investment of 18 million dollars, in a logistics center and free zone, attracting giants such as Ebay and Amazon.

In the next months there will be new updates and the first citizen of Genova wanted to reiterate the strong will of the Region, Municipality and Port Authority on the future of Hennebique: “Region, Municipality and Port Authority – said Marco Bucci – will help the arrival of new investors, with the creation of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that will allow us not to pay duties on foreign imports, we will help with discounts on taxes and will cancel the IRAP. We are also ready to cancel Tari and Tasi for a number of years “.

The long agenda of daily appointments closed with Tony Anderson, Autodesk’s manager of strategic partners & initistives (world leader in autocad and advanced software for architecture and engineering).Anderson’s goal is to open new centers in Europe and in Italy. Thanks to the intermediary of the Consul General Lorenzo Ortona and the Mayor Marco Bucci in the coming months, the manager of Autodesk, together with a team of technicians, will visit Genova to study future settlements in the city.

The intention will be to convince Autodesk to invest in a competence center in Genova and by activating new partnerships thanks to the presence of the University and important clients such as: Studio Piano (owner Renzo Piano Architect) , Ansaldo Energia, ABB, Leonardo, Fincantieri.
On the sidelines of the appointment, the Mayor met the top management of the company to deepen the arguments developed in the long meeting with Tony Anderson.

Roberto Panizza made a demonstration of Pesto mortar served with the Trofie

In the evening the celebrations for the Republic Day, dedicated this year in Genova.
Our city was the protagonist of a large reception organized by the Consulate General for over 600 guests, including all the leaders of the economy, institutions and culture of California. Present all the representatives of the Italian American communities, characterized by a strong presence of Genoese, second and third generation, but also recent emigrants.

During the evening Roberto Panizza made a demonstration of Pesto mortar served with the Trofie. The festivities continued with the music of the duo Scanu – Cardinale and the Daidalos quartet, followed by a long and applauded speech by the Mayor Marco Bucci, who once again wanted to reiterate the strong desire to attract new investors in Genova (see also Genova Wonderful – Why invest and leave in Genova (North West Italy)


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